Uniform Fundraising

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Uniform FAQ

Why does our band need new uniforms?
The life of a marching band uniform is approximately 10 to 15 years. The current Groves uniforms were purchased in 1993. They will be used for the 22nd season in the fall of 2015. While they still may look ok from a distance, the uniforms are showing serious wear and have needed a lot of TLC and repairs to keep them going for our growing marching band. The style of the uniforms also looks dated and it’s our desire to replace them with a traditional uniform style that will not show its age as readily 20 years from now.

When will we get the new uniforms?
It is our goal to order new uniforms in the spring of 2016 and have them for the fall of 2016 marching season.

How much do new uniforms cost?
Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. We are looking at purchasing quality uniforms that are designed specifically for the Groves Marching Band. We would expect that the new uniforms will last the band 20+ years, just as the current set has.

Our band currently numbers 92 students. To account for a variety of sizes, we will need to order at least 130 uniforms. Each uniform costs around $500, so the total investment will be nearly $65,000. (Bids will be requested from multiple uniform suppliers as we move forward in this process. The total cost for uniforms will be updated as information is gathered.)

How are we going to pay for the new uniforms?
We will have to fundraise the majority of the funds needed for new uniforms.
We have already requested assistance from the Birmingham Public Schools and are currently waiting for the funding to be approved. Funding from the district will only cover a portion of the total. We will also be applying for grants to assist with the cost.

How can I help?
Make a Donation
We are calling on Groves Band community to pledge its financial support so we can outfit our band. A $500 donation will purchase one uniform. If you (or your company) purchase an entire uniform we will include a label in it listing you (or your company) as the donor. You can even make the donation in honor of a Groves student or graduate, a special teacher, or family member as a way of leaving a lasting legacy at Groves. You might consider outfitting an entire section or squad of the marching band. (Please contact us for details.)

We appreciate donations of any amount, no matter how big or small, however we cannot put donation labels on individual pieces of the uniform, only for gift donations of $500 or multiples thereof. No matter what you give, your donation will be used to purchase band uniforms that will last for the next 20+ years.

To make a tax-deductible donation for our new uniforms:
click here for a donation form (or)
Click Here to make an online donation

Fundraising information
We will be running several fundraisers to raise money for new uniforms.

Current fundraisers include:
• Future Falcon tee shirts (total raised to date: $600)
• “Detroit” tee shirt sales. Click here for an order form and information.
• Detroit Red Wings game on November 8th. Ticket order form will be distributed in Spetember

If you are interested in running or assisting with a fundraiser, click here.

But I already donate to the PTSA, BEF, booster clubs and other school groups…
Thank you for supporting our kids and our school community. These are all wonderful and meaningful local organizations. This campaign is a one-time event, and we are hoping that you will reach a bit deeper to support this worthwhile fundraiser.

Can I donate online?
Yes, you can donate online HERE, by dropping a check in the band booster mailbox in the band room or by mailing in a check to:
Groves Marching Band Uniform Fund
20300 Evergreen Road
Beverly Hills, MI 48025
Check should be made out to “Groves Band Boosters”. Please include “Uniforms” on the memo line. We gladly accept donations of any amount. (Note, only donations made through the band’s BEF Program Support Fund are tax deductible.)

Who gets to pick the design?
Mr. Burkett, the boosters and the student band council will jointly make the decision on the final design. We are working with manufacturers and will receive samples of our custom uniform before deciding. The selection of uniforms is truly much more complicated than picking something that looks good in a catalog.

What happens if we can’t raise all the money by the March of 2016 deadline?
If all the money cannot be raised by our March 2016 deadline, we will purchase new uniforms in phases. The jackets are by far the largest expense — and will also make the most impact. Therefore, the purchase of new jackets would be our first priority. The new jackets would coordinate with the current black bibbers and black shakos. New bibbers and shakos would be phase 2.

Email us at grovesmarchingband@gmail.com