Student Accounts

The Groves Band Student Savings Account is a savings account that is created and held by the Groves Band Boosters Treasurer for all individual students who choose to participate in specific individual fundraisers. Money raised through these fundraisers is accumulated into the Student Savings Account and is to be used strictly for band related expenses (band trips, band camp fees, spirit wear, Solos & Ensemble, etc.) and any other band-related need that is approved by the Band Director.

  • This is a voluntary program and is available to all band members.
  • The funds cannot be removed by parents or students for personal use.
  • Fundraisers that are “individual” fundraiser  for Student Savings Accounts are separate from the General Fund Band Booster activities. All individual fundraisers will be clearly noted at the beginning of any such activity/event. Funds collected from “group” fundraising activities (such as the Marching Band Invitational, etc) do not go into student accounts, but into the general Groves Band Booster account.
  • A student can maintain his/her student account for as long as he/she is a member of the Groves Band.
  • Monies are accumulated by each individual student based on participation in Groves Band Student Savings Account fundraisers. At the conclusion of each fundraising event, monies raised will be deposited into each Student Savings Account by the Band Booster Treasurer.
  • A student electing to no longer participate in the Groves Band automatically forfeits any and all funds in his/her Groves Band Student Savings Account unless the student has a sibling in the band or has a sibling who will be incoming to the band program within two years. Remaining funds will be transferred into the Groves Band Booster Scholarship Fund.
  • The balance in the account of a student who is graduating (a senior) will automatically transfer to a sibling if the sibling is enrolled in band. If there is not a sibling in the band program currently or within two years, any remaining balance will be transferred into the Groves Band Booster Scholarship Fund.
  • A full accounting of funds in each Student Savings Account is available to the student/family by contacting the Groves Band Booster Treasurer.